Justin Heun Oh

San Francisco Bay Area//Los Angeles Culver City, California · (408) 234-3929

TPM First. Data Engineer Second. Everything else is just a hobby (like my front end engineering 🙈).

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I am an experienced manager of 10 years backing business decisions with data. I've managed multiple products, projects, and programs. I have achieved successful implementation and adoption of SaaS, PaaS, and HaaS pipelines across the globe.

Ground Control to Major Tom

Big fan of David Bowie and Pink Floyd

The Big Things

The Problem Solver:
Takes ownership of challenges & leads to successful changes, either internal or external
The Problem Solver

"You are one of the ByteStylist ByteDancers to ever ByteDance. Please accept this trophy as a symbol of GBM's collective awe and appreciation. Display it proudly in your home. Sleep with it every night. Try to use it to get free stuff and entry into exclusive clubs. It probably won't work, but it's worth a shot"

It's worth a shot



Tech Lead, Platform Architect
  • -Technical Architect and Founder of TikTok Academy
  • -Also make cool TikToks using Premiere Pro and After Effects
  • -Regrets attempting to learn Blender
  • -Literally building this super secret cool awesome program
  • -Also am Global Data Analyst

Considering how TikTok is revolutionizing the advertising industry, I am building a program that will equip future talent pipeline with super powers so that these super human beings can leverage all of TikTok's ad offerings to utmost potentials. As part of my primary responsibilities in enabling partner success for Holding Co's and GA&A's (Global Agency and Accounts), TikTok Academy is an eLearning experience platform (LXP) I helped build as a founding architect, hosted on Docebo leveraging partial native integrations (LTI's) Elucidate and Lectora.

In addition, I create SQL queries (HIVEQL) to build dashboards in order to find trends, analyze impact, etc.

Jan 2021 - Present


Data Engineer
  • -HDFS
  • -HIVE

Create, manage and maintain ETL pipeline and candidate behavioral analytics. AWS S3 - GCP into BigQuery to Data Studio (now Looker Studio). gCloud CLI, Google Query Language, Standard SQL, some Python and Sheets.

Also leveraging my skills here for TikTok Shop data ingestion, extraction, transformation to be compliant with US Data Security principles set forth by CFIUS.

March 2021 - Present

Milestone Technologies

Google for Education Program Manager
  • -Certifications and Training Technical Program Manager
  • -International Support Operations Manager
  • -Globalization Manager
  • -Programs Feedback Manager

After the success of various projects during my time as Project Manager, I was internally promoted to the role of Program Manager within Milestone on the contract renewal date March 2019.

Continous management of the Google for Education Feedback, Support, and Globalization (Certifications and Domains Adoption) programs.

Migrated teachercenter.withgoogle.com under edu.google.com/teacher-center to align with overall brand portfolio consolidation under edu.google.com domain.

 Redirect Interstitials
 URL Mapping
 SSO Strategy - OAuth
 UX/UI improvements
 Check out the difference between Teacher Center 2.0 and Teacher Center 3.0

Due to the nature of my Certification localization work as a Project Manager, it made sense to focus more on the Globalization aspect overseeing the entirety of EDU FA Certification and Training programs

March 2019 - Dec 2020

Milestone Technologies

Google for Education Project Manager
  • -Certifications and Training Technical Project Manager
  • -International Support Operations Manager
  • -Localization Manager
  • -Programs Feedback Manager

Currently a project manager managing a variety of projects for the domain teachercenter.withgoogle.com. Recently launched an international support operations program for Google. I also oversee the global adoption of our products by making high-level business decisions based on product analytics through Google Analytics, Big Query, Data Studio, and Spreadsheets.

Majority of my work here however was ensuring that each exam was templatized in JSON/PO format for increased efficiencies in internal and third party localization. This is inclusive of managing translation memories, carefully tracking L10N budget, cost per word, per fuzzy match, etc.

In addition, I create SQL queries from the thousands of feedback data points encompassing requests, product improvements, and optimization. These reports and analyses are used to build dashboards (PLX/DataStudio/Salesforce) in order to oversee overall adoption and health of our products.

May 2018 - March 2019


Senior Data & Reporting Operations Lead
  • -Service Delivery Operations Lead
  • -Google EDU Customer Support
  • -Global Chrome Success & Operations Lead

Lead, manage, and oversee a team of 30+ contact center agents working in Google ConOps. My roles here often required constant monitoring, coaching, dashboard creation, SQL audits, and data analyses of high volume contact center agents and data points. My rotations within this contract span sales operations (front and backend operations within SFDC Classic/Lightning), as well as managing Chrome Partners and their pipelines (working with notable distis & resellers to ensure they meet their quotas, CPQ, value propositions, VAR's).

My most notable achievement here is creating an automated WBR template that populates key SLA and KPI metrics based on PLX data connectors. In addition, I also created an automated WFM template monitoring (and flagging based on spikes) employee PPH/PPM (productivity per hour/month), CSAT, AHT (average handle time), and FCR (first contact resolution). These accomplishments led me to obtain the "Sr." title promotion within Accenture.

March 2017 - May 2018


Presales Operations Coordinator

Effectively A/B test a new type of CRM and order management system regarding the presales of Google products and provide over a comprehensive GAP analysis. This project was a new pilot program, regarding the sales of Google products. It involved extensive back office A/V knowledge, as we would often provide product demos (recorded, on call, or live streamed) to clients across the globe ( SME). Knowledge in the hardware/software competitive landscape was a must.

May 2016 - March 2017

Bucher & Christian Consulting

Subject Matter Expert

Lead and provide guidance to a team of 18+ agents in the management of Google Store operations. Here I attended weekly global meetings with other SME's in order to consolidate and report on emerging issues with Google products. In addition, I managed and closely monitored the set service level agreements by Google, as well as meeting weekly, monthly, and quarterly KPI goals.

January 2016 - May 2016

Bucher & Christian Consulting

Rotational Program Associate
  • -Competitor Hardware Specialist
  • -Chrome OS & Windows Malware Specialist
  • -Pilot Program Special Projects Specialist
  • -Play Store Order Management Support
  • -Android Tech Support

This was my first real job out of college, looking to seek employment in the tech space. Here, I started with humble beginnings as a phone, chat, and email support agent in a high volume contact center, graduating from product specific roles onto the next. My most notable achievements are my contributions towards the optimization of Google's internal CRM Cases 1.0/2.0 Redbull (improving process workflow from 51 clicks and 12 tool changes24 clicks and 0 tool changes) and Malware Analysis root cause analysis ( RCA) documentations.

March 2015 - January 2016


University of California, Davis

Bachelor of Arts | Double Major
Political Science
September 2010 - December 2014

Los Altos High School

March 2006 - September 2010

Skills & Special Projects

Other Accomplishments
  • Help build TikTok Shop support team from the ground up w/ Sitel... again!
  • Global Launch of TikTok Academy, TikTok's first ever always-on curated learning experience platform
  • Conceptualize and establish the founding strategic roadmap and direction of the TikTok Certification Program
  • Creation of a localized Global Support Operations Program for GFE Certification and Training offerings
  • Expansion and Launch of GFE Products in Italy, Taiwan, Japan, and Germany
  • Feedback Integration and Consolidation (ETL)
  • CMS Platforms Migration (ETL) - Personal Account Data Info
  • GFE Voucher Revenue Management (Forecasting, ROI)
  • Creation and Integration/Migration/Adoption of New Internal CRM for Google Support Ops
  • Android Auto Google Maps Machine Learning - Suggested Points of Interest (POI’s)
  • Certified Trainer Program - TensorFlow Machine Learning (Previously Prediction API)
  • Launches of Nexus 5x & Nexus 6P, Pixel & Pixel 2
  • Google Assistant, Google One - Speech Recognition and ML Model Training


I love to break ceilings when it comes to creativity! Whether it be arts and crafts, shooting some cool footage, applying some neat effects to a photo, or professionally, thinking outside the box with creative solutions. I like to stay active by going to the climbing gym, and torture myself on the erg. My most controversial opinion is that I think Costco Pizza is actually good.

When indoors, I like to focus on professional development. PD can involve taking an online course (or learning new tricks). Other interests include longboarding, golfing, finishing hikes during sunsets, or uni foraging - hence, Justuniplease :)